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I have been working wood for over 25 years.

As a youngster I began creating pieces from scraps brought by a neighbor, and continued studying woodworking in high school where I received the prestigious  John Anderson Industrial Arts Award, furthering my interest.

After working in cabinet shops for over 10 years, I then studied boat building and worked as a boat builder for 2 years. Still filled with curiosity and the desire to learn more, I attended College of the Redwoods and studied under James Krenov and others. I have been the recipient of scholarships to The Marc Adams School of Woodworking and to The Anderson Ranch Arts Center. I am a master member of the Baulines Craft Guild.

I am truly passionate about my job and I love to be in the shop.

My goal is to design and build beautiful, functional and affordable furniture. In this day and age of disposable everything, I strive to build long lasting quality furniture that is nice to live with. I want my work to be pleasing to the eye and inviting to touch.

My inspiration comes from organic shapes but sometimes it comes from the wood itself. Cutting into a plank and finding beautiful swirling grain is in itself so exciting. Often times this can, and does lead to a piece being designed around the wood.

If my work speaks to you and you have a design in mind please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would love to talk with you.



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